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The following text was written by another penpal for me introducing her hometown; Chiba. A small(er) town near Japan’s capital Tokyo.  The writer her name is Kaori and I wish to thank her for allowing me to share this text with everyone. This text is once more filled with kanji I have yet to learn, but Kaori was so friendly to add their hiragana readings in her mail for me. I still cannot read it fluently, but it does make me feel as if I’m getting better at reading Japanese. We must keep doing our best!








I live in Chiba at Kashiwa near capital Tokyo. Chiba is rural compared to Tokyo, but Disney Land is there. It’s said that Kashiwa resembles Shibuya in Tokyo. Personally, I don’t think Chiba resembles Shibuya at all. There are a lot of clothing shops, restaurants, izakaya, delicious ramen shops at the back alley in Kashiwa. It’s interesting to go strolling in there.

This translation was offered by Kaori herself, with only a minor spelling check by myself.



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The following text was written by my penpal Yoshi to introduce his hometown Osaka. He has given me permission to share this simple text for which I wish to thank him. Please enjoy this small mesage.


This is a simple translation that took a lot of liberties. The Japanese and English express the same ideas, but may express them a bit differently, please forgive these liberties.

My hometown is Osaka in Osaka prefecture. Osaka castle is nearby, a place of historical importance and so is downtown. I often go there to shop and sometimes I have a drink as well. There are many public facilities here such as hospitals and nature. I love this town.


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